Back in September, The Lodge, a new community recreation center, at Riverstone celebrated its grand opening. The Lodge will serve as the social and recreational heart of the community. This is a place where residents will go to connect, relax, and recreate. Riverstone is located just north of Fresno and the San Joaquin River at the gateway of the Sierras. Its location and proximity to world-recognized National Parks inspired the architectural theme of this iconic building. Continue reading

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On a perfectly beautiful Monday evening at Il Fornaio, WHA took a moment to recognize the valuable contributions made by our amazing staff.  These individuals have shown undeniable dedication to the company and we are incredibly proud of their hard work and positive attitudes. The Marketing Department alone took home four promotions making even the producers of La La Land a little envious. Continue reading

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2017 Monterey Design Conference (MDC) | aiacc.org/mdc/
the Monterey Design Conference (MDC)


Last month I attended the Monterey Design Conference (MDC), an AIA event which occurs every odd-numbered year at the Asilomar Conference Center in Pacific Grove, California.  Asilomar, roughly translated, means “Refuge by the Sea” and what a refuge it is.  George Bissell is known as the “Father of the MDC” which kicked off in 1979.  Bissell appointed three co-chairs: Ray Kappe, Timothy Vreeland and one of my professors at Cal Poly Pomona, the late Bernard Zimmerman. Continue reading

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WHA’s Color Studio offers integrated, architectural color and material design services. With over 25 years of experience, this highly skilled team of professionals has provided color and material services for a wide variety of project types in diverse geographic regions. Join us as we sit down with Donna Aldrich, the head of WHA’s Color Studio to ask her about her journey. Continue reading

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Well, it’s that time of year again.  You know, that time we spend running around setting our watches, microwaves, clocks in our cars and all other timepieces one hour earlier.  The reason for this – Daylight Saving Time has come to an end.  Yeah!  We can fall back in beds and snooze for a little while longer.

Daylight Saving Time for 2017 began Sunday, March 12th and ends Sunday, November 5th.  It is observed in many locations around the world.  In the United States alone, most states observe Daylight Saving Time—except the state of Hawaii and most of Arizona.

So remember to ‘fall back’ and set your clocks one hour earlier and hit that snooze button.

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October 31st is the one day of the year where good neighborhood design especially impacts the decisions of many young and old…. Where should we go trick-or-treating?

What makes a neighborhood a popular haunt to spend All Hallows’ Eve? Continue reading

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Architecture provides a backdrop, a setting, for the events of life, establishing boundaries to designate and define space. The setting of a story deeply influences the events, the mood, and the people involved. Think of The Phantom of the Opera without the opera house, or Gladiator without the Coliseum, or even Friends without Central Perk cafe and you will know what I mean. Continue reading

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