Everyday, when we step out into the sun, our bodies eclipse a part of the earth, cast a shadow, and momentarily mark our presence – reminding us our very existence affects space, light, and time! But, for those of us who seek the sublime, there was a solar eclipse last week, darkening a long, arching […]

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In honor of Father’s Day, my siblings and I would like to pay tribute not just to our dad, Bill Hezmalhalch, but to all working fathers. Whether you work with your children or not, your hard work and dedication do not go unnoticed by your children. Here is our journey and what we have learned […]

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Adam has over 25 years of experience in the building industry. He has designed a wide range of domestic and international projects including detached and attached single and multi-family homes, recreational, resort, and mixed-use projects. Join me as I ask him about his career journey.

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Rick Aiken, a Senior Principal, directs the WHA Urban Mixed-Use Design Studio. With over 29 years of experience and a large body of work in and around the West Coast, Rick has become a leader in urban design with a focus on higher density and mixed-use projects. Join us as we ask him about his […]

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Lorrie Gagné, Senior Vice President of Operations, has been with WHA for over 23 years. She effortlessly leads and inspires others on a daily basis. Outside of the office you can find Lorrie and her husband, John, cheering on their favorite team the Angels. Recently I sat down with Lorrie for a few minutes to […]

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The business cliché of “starting in the mail room and working your way up” describes the story of Mike Cantrell, a Principal here at WHA. Q. Can you tell us about your journey toward WHA? My cousin worked in the marketing department for WHA and offered me a job as an office clerk. After six […]

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Though the Danville Hotel has not operated as a hotel since the 1930s, it retained its name through many uses over the years, including a boardinghouse, a restaurant, a shopping plaza, and a Wild West attraction.

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