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WHA is currently designing a new custom home in Crystal Cove, Newport Beach, Ca.

Here is an article that appeared earlier this year in Options magazine (an offshoot of Builder Developer magazine) which focuses on high-end custom homes. Continue reading

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CPH Shelter, Entrance. Copenhagen’s First Shipping Container Housing Prototype

Shipping container architecture has been around for decades. I remember having a conversation last year with one of my architecture professors when I told her I was going to Copenhagen, Denmark, to research affordable student housing made out of shipping containers. She chuckled in a way that immediately undermined my unknowingly uneducated notions that shipping containers were “new and innovative.” Continue reading

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WHA and Brascia Builders have teamed up to participate in the 4th Annual 2017 Long Beach Canstruction competition. Canstruction is an event where architects, builders, and engineers compete to design and build sculptures out of canned foods. Once deconstructed, all cans are donated to Food Finders and distributed to pantries and shelters in local communities. Continue reading

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David Rogier and Aaron Rasmussen met in San Francisco and shortly after, in 2013, had garnered some initial funding that launched  Neither of them was adequately inspired by traditional teaching techniques while they were growing up in California.  They imagined a more dynamic and effective way to present a subject.  Their concept was to employ a series of recognizable experts to prepare instructional videos on a wide range of subjects.  This is exactly what they have created at MasterClass.   Continue reading

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A few months ago, online publication published an article denoting architecture students as the hardest working college major, citing the immense amount of hours a student is required to spend, beyond class time, to succeed. So is architecture the toughest major? As a recent graduate from the University of Arizona’s College of Architecture, I can say majoring in architecture is no easy task, but with a few tips, I hope to make it a more manageable, and enjoyable 5 years. Continue reading

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Everyday, when we step out into the sun, our bodies eclipse a part of the earth, cast a shadow, and momentarily mark our presence – reminding us our very existence affects space, light, and time! But, for those of us who seek the sublime, there was a solar eclipse last week, darkening a long, arching swath across the continental U.S. Two WHA sun-seekers set out to witness the astronomical event; Mana Sadeghi to Jackson Hole, WY and Will Hosband to Salem, OR. Continue reading

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Arista at Aliento

Arista is a new neighborhood located in the master-planned community of Aliento, a gated enclave in Santa Clarita. These homes are perched atop hillsides, allowing residents to enjoy miles of trails connecting to sunset overlooks. This community offers a modern interpretation on resort-style living, with a central clubhouse featuring pools, splash pad, and fitness center acting as the neighborhood social hub. Continue reading

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