Our WHA office in Santa Ana was transformed last Thursday into a gallery of art.  Desks, cubicles, and offices became exhibit spaces showcasing the creativity of our multi-talented staff.  Our art show included a late afternoon gourmet spread to be enjoyed as we leisurely toured the exhibit floor.  The artistic range was vast, including ceramics, baking, sketching and even performance art. Thank you to all participants and our host, the Research and Development Studio. Continue reading

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Hello, my name is Natalie and I am Bay Area house-poor.

The Below Market Rate (BMR) program is a way for middle-low income individuals and families to purchase a home. I live in San Francisco and on average, a new one bedroom, one bath condo costs $800,000. Through the San Francisco BMR program, the same unit may only cost $350,000! Continue reading

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The Easy Sites Are All Gone!

Let’s face it, the easy sites are all gone.  We are left with the remnants – irregular shaped, topographically challenged, limited access, penned in by crowded roads with numerous constraints imposed by NIMBYs, difficult adjacencies like railroads or freeways, entitlement requirements, utilities, and environmental challenges such as sea-level rise or oil wells. Continue reading

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What do Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, Alfredo Moser and Illac Diaz have in common? They’re all inventors with a dream of lighting the world. There are now small grassroots organizations that are spreading affordable, sustainable lighting to people with limited or no access to electricity. Continue reading

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Construction on the 301 site

Construction on the 301 site is humming along. The building is taking shape with framing and the application of exterior gypsum sheathing complete. Waterproofing has been installed at the podium level, and the TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) roofing material installation is done. Continue reading

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Do you remember running around your neighborhood as a kid exploring and discovering your surroundings? I do.

I remember building forts, riding bikes or playing streetball with my friends until it got dark. Once the streetlights came on, it was game over and time to head home. Times have definitely changed. Over the last 30 years, our culture has seen a decline in Creative Play opportunities for children in our society. Many times community design uses a formulaic approach to amenity programming regardless of context. Whether it’s an urban infill or greenfield site, the amenities are typically recognizable, safe and cost effective. The unintended consequences of such a universal approach can dumb-down the project and adversely affect the heart and soul of the community. It’s important that the amenity features reflect the site and the people who live there.

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WHA is excited to announce that our company name has officially changed from William Hezmalhalch Architects to WHA. Our award-winning Branding Studio, Placewright Design, created a logo that is simple and timeless. This brand mark not only speaks to the quality and level of design, it also conveys the fact the WHA is a one-stop-shop where multiple integrated Studios work together to create cohesive solutions for our clients. Continue reading

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