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Anthony Fossi

Anthony Fossi is a designer with a passion for people and stories told through both architecture and writing. The interest for both ignited when his high school English teacher exhibited a book on Fallingwater. Both art forms turn creative thought into tangible objects that provide a backdrop for relationships and understanding. A building is a history book of its inhabitants, and a book is a house for the mind where you can live in someone else’s world. Anthony’s passion is to enhance the lives of those who venture inside.

During his time at WHA, Anthony has been exposed to a variety of aspects of the building process, ranging from planning down to the architectural details, allowing him to grow in breadth and depth as he gains experience.

Born and raised in Santa Rosa, he headed south for college at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, and continued that trajectory to work at WHA, where he has spent the last four years. Through his church he met his wife, and together they recently entered the new phase of parenthood. Anthony enjoys being a dad, drawing, running, and playing basketball.


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