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Let’s face it, the easy sites are all gone.  We are left with the remnants – irregular shaped, topographically challenged, limited access, penned in by crowded roads with numerous constraints imposed by NIMBYs, difficult adjacencies like railroads or freeways, entitlement requirements, utilities, and environmental challenges such as sea-level rise or oil wells.

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Construction on the 301 site is humming along. The building is taking shape with framing and the application of exterior gypsum sheathing complete. Waterproofing has been installed at the podium level, and the TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) roofing material installation is done.

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Do you remember running around your neighborhood as a kid exploring and discovering your surroundings? I do. I remember building forts, riding bikes or playing streetball with my friends until it got dark. Once the streetlights came on, it was game over and time to head home. Times have definitely changed. Over the last 30 […]

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More than ten years ago, I read “The Dream Society” by internationally known futurist Rolf Jensen, first published in 1999. He provocatively peered into the forces that will shape our lives in coming years. Now, today, I can see just how piercingly accurate many of his projections have become.

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As a part of our expansion to the greater LA area, WHA was given the opportunity to be a part of an RFP process with LINC Housing Corporation for the development of a mixed-use, affordable housing project located at 1900 Long Beach Boulevard. With hard work and effort by the entire development team, we put […]

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On March 21, the Danville Town Council recognized the achievement of Castle Companies for the rehabilitation of what has been the centerpiece of the historic downtown since the 1890s.

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Adam has over 25 years of experience in the building industry. He has designed a wide range of domestic and international projects including detached and attached single and multi-family homes, recreational, resort, and mixed-use projects. Join me as I ask him about his career journey.

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