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WHA is excited to announce that our company name has officially changed from William Hezmalhalch Architects to WHA. Our award-winning Branding Studio, Placewright Design, created a logo that is simple and timeless. This brand mark not only speaks to the quality and level of design, it also conveys the fact the WHA is a one-stop-shop […]

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This week, WHA’s highly anticipated quarterly report was given.  At the start of each quarter, WHA’s three offices convene to share company goals, strategies, hot projects and current news.  Bill Hezmalhalch shares the firm’s overview and each WHA Studio showcases their newest and most exciting projects, trends and department news.  It’s an educational, fun and […]

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Oftentimes we look at a logo and think “What’s the story behind that one” or “How interesting, I wonder what it means” or sometimes, “How in the world did they come up with that?” Whatever it may be, a logo is something that people recognize. It’s what you’re remembered for; it’s the face of your […]

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Creating a neighborhood is like a relay race starting with land acquisition, planning and entitlements.  The baton is passed on to designers and architects; WHA for example.  A construction team then transforms all the ideas and decisions into built reality. The anchor leg of the race is merchandising, marketing and sales.  It takes a team of talented individuals to reach […]

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Though the Danville Hotel has not operated as a hotel since the 1930s, it retained its name through many uses over the years, including a boardinghouse, a restaurant, a shopping plaza, and a Wild West attraction.

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In addition to our three projects for City Ventures (the Downey Collection, Bellflower The Boulevard Collection and The Ambassador Gardens by Insignia), we have also been selected as a Finalist for Graphic Continuity for Azulón at Mesa Verde. It was our pleasure to design the name, logo, colors, community theme & imaging, mini brochure, signage and […]

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WHA’s Urban Studio, led by Senior Principal Rick Aiken, along with The Related Company and The City of Santa Ana have been recognized for Triada Court and Triada Gardens at The Station District. They have recently been honored with Project of the Year Award for Large Development at the 31st Annual Affordable Housing Awards, hosted […]

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