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David Rogier and Aaron Rasmussen met in San Francisco and shortly after, in 2013, had garnered some initial funding that launched  Neither of them was adequately inspired by traditional teaching techniques while they were growing up in California.  They imagined a more dynamic and effective way to present a subject.  Their concept was to […]

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The making of quality wine is a complex endeavor, dependent on careful decisions and the management of many real and unpredictable conditions. The soil, topography and climate combine their influences to create, what the French call, terroir (tare-WAH). The experience of the winemaker, the skilled hands of field workers and terroir all find their voice […]

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The city of Tracy, California emerged when the Western Pacific Railroad was completed in the mid-1800s.  Located along the line connecting Sacramento, Stockton and San Francisco, Tracy has become a desired suburb to those cities.  More recently, the city has experienced growth due largely to the influx of Hi-Tech jobs in the Silicon Valley which […]

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At WHA we spend most of our day contemplating how to make houses and neighborhoods better. Today, however, we are flipping the script! With Halloween just a few days away, we are exploring the opposite; what makes a house downright evil, or dare we say … HAUNTED?

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Creating a neighborhood is like a relay race starting with land acquisition, planning and entitlements.  The baton is passed on to designers and architects; WHA for example.  A construction team then transforms all the ideas and decisions into built reality. The anchor leg of the race is merchandising, marketing and sales.  It takes a team of talented individuals to reach […]

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WHA is proud to announce the Grand Opening of Westridge by Pardee Homes.  On Saturday, August 27th visitors will be able to tour nine model homes strategically located on terraced hillsides to enjoy views of Lake Elsinore and Canyon Lake.

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Co-author: Shannon Korba There is definitely a difference in perception between south Orange County and north Orange County.  North of Newport Boulevard (or Avenue) the streets are organized in a typical city grid that would make Thomas Jefferson proud but south of Newport the streets begin to devolve into a bowl of spaghetti which often […]

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