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Architecture provides a backdrop, a setting, for the events of life, establishing boundaries to designate and define space. The setting of a story deeply influences the events, the mood, and the people involved. Think of The Phantom of the Opera without the opera house, or Gladiator without the Coliseum, or even Friends without Central Perk […]

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Everyday, when we step out into the sun, our bodies eclipse a part of the earth, cast a shadow, and momentarily mark our presence – reminding us our very existence affects space, light, and time! But, for those of us who seek the sublime, there was a solar eclipse last week, darkening a long, arching […]

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Site constraints often drive innovation, and in the case of City Ventures’ Montebello Collection, the challenges created a new concept, the Urban Atrium. Although a more affordable option, The Montebello Collection does not sacrifice size in order to accommodate cost.

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Perched atop the sun-drenched hills of San Marcos in north San Diego County is a project by Richmond American Homes (RAH) and WHA, aptly called The Summit. The site is unique and breathtaking, as if resting on the crest of a wave giving vantage to the sea of hills and the ocean of water beyond. […]

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To commemorate the 15th anniversary of 9/11, we thought it appropriate to highlight the World Trade Center (WTC) complex as it stands today. While One World Trade Center (1WTC) serves as the icon for Lower Manhattan, it is one in a handful of new WTC buildings that surround the 9/11 memorial and museum all designed […]

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The following are excerpts from an interview conducted with Cathy Baranger a Principal at WHA with a personality as colorful as her wardrobe and as warm as her smile, and recipient of our Lifetime Achievement Award for Great Hair: Cathy, just wanted to say thank you for meeting today. Let’s dive right in.

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For 50 years, the artists showcased at the Sawdust Festival have been inspiring and entertaining us from within the small, makeshift booths containing their work, but not confining their imaginations. Nestled in the cliffs and eucalyptus trees of Laguna Canyon, this year’s festival features over 200 artists with a wide range of media, skill sets, […]

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