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Do you remember running around your neighborhood as a kid exploring and discovering your surroundings? I do. I remember building forts, riding bikes or playing streetball with my friends until it got dark. Once the streetlights came on, it was game over and time to head home. Times have definitely changed. Over the last 30 […]

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WHA is excited to announce that our company name has officially changed from William Hezmalhalch Architects to WHA. Our award-winning Branding Studio, Placewright Design, created a logo that is simple and timeless. This brand mark not only speaks to the quality and level of design, it also conveys the fact the WHA is a one-stop-shop […]

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In honor of Father’s Day, my siblings and I would like to pay tribute not just to our dad, Bill Hezmalhalch, but to all working fathers. Whether you work with your children or not, your hard work and dedication do not go unnoticed by your children. Here is our journey and what we have learned […]

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This month we celebrate the one year anniversary of WHA, Los Angeles. Led by Rick Aiken, Senior Principal of our Urban Studio, WHA.LA enables us to most effectively service our growing client base in the greater Los Angeles area.

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